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Moving to or from Yarm? Maybe to another part of town? Hartgrove Bros Removal Service is the perfect choice!

The picturesque market town of Yarm-on-Tees is part of Stockton Borough and on the very edge of the North Yorkshire border. With a whole host of bars, restaurants, and cafes on the high street, along with the gorgeous river views and countryside around the area, Yarm is a very desirable place to live. From the Kirklevington parish to the south, to the River Leven at the east and Low Worsall in the west, Yarm is place we know really well.

We use the highest levels of attention to ensure furniture is packed up securely, that chair’s, sofas and beds are carried carefully and safely, and that your doorways, stairways and walls remain free from damage. We have a whole variety of items at our disposal, from special removal blankets, securing straps and Hartgrove branded boxes. Staff perform regular lifting and health and safety training, to stay on top of their game; twisting and turning furniture out of the tightest of places with ease. From kitchen appliances, to dining tables, picture frames and more, Hartgrove delivers.

Additional Services


Before your house move in Yarm, do you need help with packing everything up first? We offer various levels of service, tailored to your needs. If you need literally everything boxing up for you, we can do that. Want just your fragile items sorting out? We do part-packing. There’s also a DIY service where we just supply you with all the boxes and bubble wrap.


Have you sold your house but your new property isn’t ready yet? That’s no problem either. You can store your entire house worth of items in one of our huge storage facilities. We’ll simply complete the rest of your house move once you’ve got the keys and you give us the go ahead.

National Coverage

We don’t just service the local area. Moving from Yarm to somewhere in Scotland? No problem. Moving to Cornwall? No problem there either. We’re a national removals service covering the length and breadth of the country.

Commercial Services

Our commercial removals service exists to fully take the stress and logistical hassle out of your workplace relocation. Desks, chairs, cabinets computers. Literally everything will be packaged up and handled with care for the move.


You may not want to bring every piece of furniture from your old property to your new one. Let us know which items you need disposing of and we can arrange to have them safely recycled at a local facility.

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